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DEX223 Review

DEX223: Decentralized exchange for ERC-223 & ERC-20 tokens.

What is DEX223?

DEX223 is set to revolutionize the cryptocurrency exchange landscape with its unique offerings that distinguish it from current market players. This platform enhances security, streamlines token listings, and introduces an innovative on-platform asset lending feature.

Unique Features of DEX223

By incorporating ERC-223 support, DEX223 addresses the significant issue of token loss associated with the ERC-20 standard—a flaw that has resulted in over $200 million in lost tokens on the Ethereum network as of late August 2023.

This adoption not only mitigates such risks but also empowers users with direct control over their funds, thereby reducing the need for approvals and potentially lowering gas consumption by up to 15%. Despite this advancement, the platform maintains compatibility with ERC-20, ensuring user flexibility.

The evolution of ERC-223 is accentuated by its historical competition with ERC-20, a narrative fully explored on the erc-223 frontpage. This context enriches DEX223’s approach, which smartly discerns between human-owned addresses and smart contracts for accurate token and ether deposits, addressing a critical ERC-20 shortfall where users bear the responsibility of selecting the correct transfer method – a process fraught with risks of token loss.

Key Features

Encapsulated Margin Trading

DEX223 is setting new paradigms by enabling users to formulate ‘lending orders’ with comprehensive terms such as interest rates, deadlines, permissible markets for trading, and collateral requirements. This mechanism fosters a secure, transparent marketplace where borrowers and lenders engage directly, with safeguards that eliminate the need for price oracles and mitigate associated vulnerabilities.

Transparent Auto-Listings

DEX223’s Transparent Auto-Listings democratize the token listing process. Users can integrate any token list from reputable sources or directly engage with the auto-listing contract, promoting a decentralized listing ethos. This initiative not only amplifies user autonomy but also reinforces the platform’s commitment to transparency, with listing fees benefiting DEX223 token holders.

Crosschain Deployment Policy

The platform’s Crosschain deployment policy signifies another strategic layer, offering token portability across various blockchains to enhance user experience and reach. Concurrently, DEX223’s engagement strategy involves collaboration with influencers and media to amplify its market presence and adoption.

DEX223 Tokenomics

DEX223’s tokenomics, inspired by Ethereum’s successful launch, articulate a compelling investment thesis, predicated on the equitable distribution of trading fees among DEX223 token holders, projecting a robust ROI based on projected trading volumes and fee structures.

DEX223 is not merely another cryptocurrency exchange; it’s a visionary platform redefining the landscape with its user-centric innovations, robust security measures, and a forward-thinking approach to cryptocurrency trading and lending.

Token Sale

The first and second pre-sale rounds have been successfully completed.

The public ICO phase is presently active. During this phase, you have the opportunity to acquire D223 tokens using USDT or USDC (ERC-20) at a rate of 1 D223 = $0.0008 as part of the private sale.

During the ICO, D223 tokens are available for purchase using ETH, USDT, USDC, or DAI on the Ethereum mainnet. To buy tokens with ETH (Ethereum), you simply need to transfer ETH to the smart contract address: 0x66bbbc0698fd3ac3c1f8bf6e2a550d3775a68879.

An alternative method to acquire tokens is through connecting your Web3 wallet and completing the token sale form, which also facilitates the use of stablecoins for the purchase.

The ICO token pricing structure is as follows:

  • 30% of the tokens are available at $0.0009 (the current price)
  • 20% are priced at $0.001
  • Another 20% are available at $0.0011
  • 20% at $0.0012
  • The remaining 10% at $0.0013

If you have any questions regarding the private sale or problems purchasing tokens feel free to mail


DEX223 is composed of several integral elements:

The DEX223 smart contract forms the core of the exchange, encapsulating its primary logic. Accompanying this is the DEX223 web interface; while an “official” UI is developed by the core team, the platform’s open design allows for the creation of numerous alternative interfaces that interact with the smart contract. Auto-listing smart contracts are pivotal to the platform’s operation. Initially, there will be three distinct auto-listing smart contracts, each with its fee structure. The DEX223 interface will seamlessly integrate these contracts, enabling immediate listing and trading of tokens upon payment of the relevant fees. Users have the flexibility to deactivate “auto-listing contracts” at any point, which will exclude those tokens from their UI. However, once a token is listed through an auto-listing contract, it cannot be delisted.

Furthermore, the platform supports arbitrary auto-listing contracts, empowering any party to establish a customized auto-listing contract. These contracts can also integrate with the DEX223 UI, provided users input the contract’s address. The source code for these auto-listing contracts will be accessible publicly, promoting transparency and innovation.

Auto-liquidation bots represent another facet of DEX223, designed to facilitate the liquidation process. While lenders are required to initiate liquidation manually, they can incentivize third-party bots to perform this function by offering a fee. The exchange team plans to provide a template script to encourage this activity.

Beyond the exchange itself, DEX223 aims to foster the broader ERC-223 ecosystem, which includes:

A Token Standard Converter to ensure interoperability between ERC-20 and ERC-223 tokens, allowing conversions in both directions. An ERC-20 losses calculator to highlight and quantify the ongoing issue of token losses within the ERC-20 framework, offering a real-time perspective on the matter. An ERC-223 aggregation page will serve as a central repository for ERC-223 related resources, including development guidelines, articles, source codes, and a chronicle of the standard’s evolution.

Follow DEX223’s development progress. You can also follow DEX223 on X, Telegram or Discord


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