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DeCommas – Protocol for DeFi Trading Automation Review

DeCommas – Free Control Center for Web3 and DeFi.

What is DeCommas?

From the moment of its launch in 2021, DeCommas embarked on an exhilarating journey through the uncharted terrains of Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and Web3. Birthed from the celebrated 3Commas family, DeCommas began its journey building chain-agnostic automated DeFi trading strategies, only to evolve into a sophisticated “mission control” hub for those seeking to navigate the complex universe of web3 and DeFi.

Pioneering groundbreaking products such as Strategies, Swap, Portfolio, and Pathfinder, DeCommas has gleaned unique insights into the world of web3. Confronting complex cross-chain challenges head-on, they are committed to making the DeFi and web3 landscape more accessible and comprehensible to all. To bring their ambitious vision to life, they’ve constructed an impressive toolstack that breathes life into these dynamic features.

They’re also providing developers with access to the very technology that powers everything that you’ll see on The DeCommas Mission Control API encapsulates the following:

  • Datalayer & Datalayer API – fast, scalable, and cost-effective indexed Blockchain, NFT, and Protocol data that’s developer-friendly. 
  • Execution API – powerfully connected transaction-building layer that facilitates straightforward DeFi protocols integration.

The toolstack delivers a spectrum of capabilities enabling web3, web3-curious, and web2 developers to construct a diverse range of web3 applications and features. The toolstack affords smooth access to API endpoints for coins, ERC-20 Tokens, NFTs, and their metadata, transfers, transactions, and much more. All these features prioritise connection, speed, efficiency, and user-friendly design.

Imagine having access to a mountain of indexed data through a developer-friendly API, coupled with an execution layer that empowers users to conduct on-chain transactions. The DeCommas Mission Control API has tremendous flexibility.

Now let’s explore some potential applications that the DeCommas Mission Control can bring to life:

DeCommas Mission Control API:

  • The Mission Control API is a toolbox for developers containing all they need to build web3 applications like portfolio trackers, web3 wallets, web3 searchbars, activity feeds and DeFi integrations.
  • It contains a scalable, speedy and cost-efficient indexed Blockchain-, NFT- and Protocol- data accessible through a developer friendly API, and a highly connected execution layer for enabling users to move assets across blockchains and protocols.
  • Mission Control API is built to be faster (<250ms response times) and more cost-efficient than currently available solutions.

For more details and updates, join their Discord, Telegram or Twitter to stay in the loop on the latest developments. To get started, visit and click ‘Launch App’. 

You’ll see the main interface where you can choose the tools/features you’d like to use e.g. Swap feature, Pathfinder – which is effectively a yield strategy feature or the Portfolio management tool. You can even bridge assets using numerous multichain bridges.

But first, you need to connect your web3 wallet such as MetaMask.

Make sure you’re connecting to the right site i.e.

You may be required to verify your address by signing a message in your wallet.

Now that you’re connected to DeCommas, you can proceed to make use of your preferred features. A really cool one is the swap feature which makes it possible for users to swap digital assets atomically. 

DeCommas Swap

As you can see in this example, we chose to use the Arbitrum network to swap a very small amount of ETH for USDC. 

You can see how great this tool is especially if you want low-cost swaps to avoid hefty fees networks like Ethereum by leveraging scaling solutions such as Arbitrum which provide environments with high-throughput and low-cost smart contracts.

Once your swap has been processed – you will get notified on the dashboard.

You can verify its status using the appropriate block explorer. Since we conducted the swap on Arbitrum, we are able to see the transaction details on Arbiscan.

Essentially, the DeCommas swap feature offers efficient, fast & commission free cross-chain swapping of crypto assets, backed by the bridge aggregator Li.Fi protocol. 

DeCommas Pathfinder

The “SkyScanner for DeFi,” offers a comprehensive route finder across multiple protocols, providing easy access to opportunities in the defi landscape all within one interface. Current APY can reach up to ±8%.

Current integrations:

  • AAVE: Seamlessly exchange assets and provide liquidity to AAVE directly.
  • Stargate: Deposit directly into Stargate pools to farm LP tokens in exchange for STG rewards.

To get started, go to the Pathfinder tab on the dashboard. Choose the asset and blockchain network you wish to deposit into in order to earn yield.

The pathfinder will clearly map out the transaction route. For example, here we test this feature out by depositing a small amount of USDC to Aave v3. The route will involve an exchange of USDC to USDC.e (a bridged form of Ethereum USDC) on Arbitrum and then a deposit of the assets to Aave v3.

You can also see the gas fee that you will be charged. 

You can see here the swap is already in progress.

You will be able to set a spending cap if using a wallet like MetaMask.

You’ll be able to see it on your dashboard as as soon as your swap successfully completes.

The next step will be to now deposit the assets to Aave in order to earn yield. How much you earn will depend on how much liquidity you supply to the money market and which asset you supply and the incentives on offer i.e. the current APY and the 30D APY. 

Once the deposit transaction is completed, you’ll be able to verify the status of both the swap and deposit. 

Swap transaction confirmation on the Arbiscan block explorer.

USDC deposit confirmation on the Arbiscan block explorer.

DeCommas Portfolio

A comprehensive solution for managing and tracking your web3 assets and investments in a user-friendly interface.

Key features:

  • Track all assets associated with your wallet, including defi assets and protocols.
  • Monitor the value of your assets over time.

  • Use a watch-list to track interesting movements in other wallets.
  • Monitor floor prices of your NFTs.

  • Gain insights into NFTs associated with your wallet.
  • Track lending, liquidity pools, and deposits in various protocols.

  • Plenty of filtering and sorting options based on your preferences.
  • Completely free to use.

What’s even more exciting is that the DeCommas team keeps adding new features that make the platform more user-friendly and relevant in the fast-evolving world of DeFi such as their analytics page and digital asset bridge offering and so much more. Make sure you visit DeCommas to experience the reDeFination of automation in the crypto world. 


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