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Crypto University 2021 Review

Crypto University Educational Platform Review.

Why Learn About Digital Currencies?

To appreciate the power of digital currencies or what makes cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin so revolutionary and transformative, you need to understand the history of money. This will help you understand why blockchain is such a revolutionary technology and how it solves some fundamental problems we have with existing fiat currencies. Love it or hate it, money makes the world go round. It is the very foundation on which society and all the activities within it depend. Blockchain technology is so important because it is an innovation that is centred around human connectivity to enrich lives. 

Education is Key

With everything going digital, there’s never been more opportunities for those willing to learn and take the time to equip themselves with the proper tools needed to successfully navigate the seemingly sophisticated world of cryptocurrencies.

Let’s be honest, when computers were first introduced, few could have imagined how the devices would transform lives in the way that they have in the past few decades. New industries have emerged and great wealth has been created as a result. The same can be said of the internet, which has spurred innovation and made our civilization thrive. Now it appears we are on the cusp of a blockchain-powered technological revolution, which will usher in a new era of innovation and create new possibilities. Some which we can’t even imagine yet. But how does blockchain technology work? What are some the benefits? What is Bitcoin and what makes it different to other forms of money or currencies? How do you buy, sell, invest or trade Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? These could be some of the many questions you may want to get answered and there are many sources online where you can find that information.

Decentralised Africa has a whole resources section dedicated to providing you with some of those useful resources. However, even when equipped with unlimited data sources, it is still difficult for many people to navigate the intricate world of web or hardware wallets, cryptographic keys, trading strategies, charts & analysis, and the many things one needs to learn in order to stand a decent chance of making money or better yet, not losing money, since crypto markets and the industry in general is considered highly volatile and risky. The solution to this is to take a sensible step-by-step approach to learning and then earning. And the best way to do that is through Crypto University.

Crypto University

Cryptocurrency is all about information and tools. Crypto University courses will equip you with tools and information to become a pro investor or trader. We recommend starting with the Bitcoin Basics course if you’re completely new to the world of crypto. This course is great because it’s FREE and in it you’ll learn:

  • Solid fundamentals of Bitcoin and peer-to-peer finance.
  • In-depth knowledge of cryptocurrencies.
  • Recommended tools i.e.wallets, exchanges and more.

Once you’ve gotten a solid understanding of the basics, and depending on what your objectives and goals are, you’ll be ready to enrol in either the Trading Course or the Investing Course or better yet both. You do get a nice discount when you sign up and get all three courses including the FREE basics course. Crypto University courses are perfect for anyone who wants to better their financial situation or expand their knowledge and horizons. Cryptocurrencies are borderless and the use cases are wide ranging from remittances, cross-border payments, peer-to-peer value exchange and so much more. If you want to earn extra income or make passive income trading or investing in cryptocurrencies then Crypto U is tailor-made for you. So what can you expect?

Crypto Trading Course


  • Different types of trading: Spot, Arbitrage, P2P and derivatives
  • Different types of crypto trading strategies and philosophies.
  • Technical analysis and Charts
  • Over-the-counter trading and peer-to-peer markets
  • Risk management and avoiding liquidation
  • When to buy low and sell high
  • Advanced cryptocurrency terminology and principles

Crypto Investing Course


  • How to buy or sell Cryptocurrencies
  • How to secure your coins
  • How to build a portfolio
  • How to diversify your portfolio
  • Fundamental analysis
  • About Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
  • How to Invest in Crypto but avoid Bitcoin’s volatility
  • About ERC20 tokens, SegWit, PoS, SPV & more
  • How to find new good coins and invest early before they become popular and make massive returns
  • How to find reliable news and data for fundamental analysis
  • The basics of mining and setting up a Bitcoin mining facility
  • About portfolio rebalancing 
  • How to earn interest on your crypto assets 
  • Step-by-step how to use decentralised lending and borrowing platforms such as Compound

Guiding you to reach your goals

What makes Crypto University different and personable is that it is not simply a place where you learn how to invest or trade, it’s an actual community fully equipped with a knowledge hub and thousands of other passionate students all navigating this exciting new industry. Not only will you have access to hundreds of video tutorials, you’ll also find great tools such as Trading Signals directly on the platform and also tips on how you can earn crypto.

Crypto U also has Telegram and WhatsApp groups where you can interact with other students and share insights and tips. You will also be receiving regular email updates through the newsletter and you’ll be welcome to join in on the weekly feedback sessions on Zoom.

Crypto University was founded by Grey Jabesi, an African tech entrepreneur and investor. He is the Founder and CEO of Khodo, an app for buying and selling bitcoin. The app is powered by Buy Bitcoin Malawi, a cryptocurrency marketplace. Grey has been a cryptocurrency evangelist for more that half a decade and shares his wealth of expertise through 1-on-1 mentorships to students who want more of a hands-on, fast-track approach to learning how to invest and trade. With the 1-on-1 mentorship, Grey personally guides you through how to establish your portfolio, manage it, and provides tailored guidance based on your specific situation, objectives, and strategy. With these one-on-one consultations, you can rest assured you have someone with the proper experience and know-how to assist you on your journey. Upon completion of the relevant course(s), you will be equipped with the essential knowledge and tools to help you navigate the world of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies or digital assets. Take advantage of this opportunity. Get started now.

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