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Company Profile – The Next Big Crypto Solutions Platform? – The Next Big Crypto Solutions Platform?

What is 

Chains is building a stack of interconnected cryptocurrency-enabled solutions that are designed to make cryptocurrency more accessible to users. The project’s long-term goal is to provide businesses and individuals with a single-account experience that includes a Token Launchpad built-from-scratch as a token sale platform aimed at supporting native and external payment gateways, vesting mechanisms and multiple blockchains. Chain’s own native utility token, CHA, will be the first token to be made available for sale on the Launchpad. 

Source: Chains Whitepaper

Key features of the Launchpad include: 1) Integration with account system 2) Clean retail-user friendly design 3) KYC and SEC 506c compliance for accredited investors from the US 4) Smartoff style purchase journey that allows the user to secure an allocation before proceeding to conducting a KYC verification process 5) Custom vesting schedules 6) Bonding curve, tranche and fixed pricing mechanisms 7) Presale and whitelisting mechanisms. 

Chains’ Roadmap

Source: Chains Whitepaper

Chains Launchpad

The Launchpad is the first offering from Chains, however, the Chains team intends on delivering a lot more through its ecosystem of products and services. 

Single Account Experience 

Chains will introduce accounts that allow users to Earn – Invest – Spend all within a single account.

Chains Prism Analytics 

This is a suite of analytics tools designed to further enhance the experience of users on the Chains platform and minimise the need for using third party charting and analytics services.

Source: Chains Whitepaper

Chains Cryptocurrency Exchange

The Chain crypto exchange will be accessible to users from permitted jurisdictions. Users that participate in the Marketplace or Launchpad token sales will benefit from utilising the integrated Exchange platform. Chains has a goal to to allow users to transition seamlessly between buying tokens on the Launchpad, spending and earning cryptocurrency on the Marketplace, and trading on the exchange platform.

Chains hopes to make the transition from earning or spending cryptocurrency on the Marketplace to trading it on the Exchange as simple as transferring balances between a Spot and Margin accounts. CHA tokens will be utilised for fee reduction and staking opportunities, volume-based burning schedules and more. 

Chains Services Marketplace 

This is where businesses can pay for services and products using the currency of their choosing, and service providers can define types of currency they are willing to accept. The Marketplaces natively support a dynamic payment and pricing method, where transactions can be settled in any currency agreed between the parties.

Source: Chains Whitepaper

According to Chains, the Seller may parametrically define premiums and discounts based on the currency utilised by the buyer. Businesses and Freelancers on the platform will be eligible for participation in a program providing Earned Income Credits (EIC), which is similar to Earned Income Tax Credits. Earned Income Credits or EIC is a system funded by the Salary Pool. This system will enable businesses and freelancers who suffer from temporary setbacks such as loss of clients or drastic decline in revenues to be temporarily financially supported by the Salary pool. 

Source: Chains Whitepaper

Chains Ecosystem intends to introduce a NFT marketplace, payment gateway solutions and payment cards for its user base. The platform is also aiming to introduce a business tokenization launchpad which would enable businesses integrated with to be tokenized, raising capital based on transparency of revenue and performance. 

CHA Token 

The native token on the Chains platform will be the CHA token. The token will be designed for different use cases from offering subsidies, discounts and enhancements across all Chains products, to incentives which could take on the form of discounts, unique utility, cash back or waiving of fees. 

The CHA token is designed to be the default fee-settlement and payment token on the Chains platform, as well as provide holders of CHA with access to various benefits, usually proportional to their holdings. Both fee settlements and payments on the Chains platform can be done via any currency which the platform supports, however incentives will be offered to members who pay in CHA as follows: 

  • 33% discount on fees when paid in CHA (compounds with holding) 
  • Payment in CHA will be subsidised up to 15% of their value when paid in CHA via the token revenue pool 
  • Stake based Launchpad participation 
  • Stake based trading fee discount 
  • Stake based Automated Airdrop eligibility 
  • Access to exclusive features and tiers based on the amount of CHA staked.
Source: Chains Whitepaper

Pre-registration vCHA Allocations 

Chains has offered hundreds of thousands of users an allocation of tokens prior to launching the platform. vCHA is a unique token allocated to early adopters. vCHA entitles users to a grandfathered permanent discount on Every 200,000 vCHA can be redeemed for a 1% permanent discount, thus providing users with significant utility without affecting CHA token economics. The discount will apply to users purchasing CHA on

With more than 200,000 pre-registered users, the crypto community is highly anticipating the launch of these different products from The team behind Chains hopes it will become the go to all-in-one crypto services platform. 

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