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BTCEX Crypto Derivatives Platform Review

BTCEX Crypto Platform Review 2022.

Important Notice: 

[Dear BTCEX users,

We regret to inform you that due to recent operational adjustments, we have made the decision to suspend new user registrations starting from June 21, 2023. Over the next month, we will gradually and systematically cease providing services to our existing users, ensuring an orderly and fair refund process for all platform users and partners.

At BTCEX, our mission has always been to provide secure and professional trading services to our users. Since our launch, we have strived to uphold this principle. We sincerely appreciate the trust and support you have placed in BTCEX.

Rest assured that your assets are securely safeguarded, and you will be able to withdraw your funds without any issues. All user assets can be withdrawn in full.

For detailed information regarding the refund process, please refer to the announcement.]

What is BTCEX?  

BTCEX is a digital asset trading platform registered in the Seychelles. It provides spot trading and derivative trading such as margin, quarterly contracts, perpetual contracts, and options to users all over the world. spot trading and derivative trading such as margin, quarterly contracts, perpetual contracts, and options to users all over the world. 

BTCEX was launched in July, 2021 and offers beginner-friendly copy trading to crypto derivatives. BTCEX also publicly states that is has obtained key licences in countries like Canada, Lithuania, and Estonia. The company is said to employ over 200 employees, with offices located in Canada, Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The platform can be accessed on desktop and mobile and is available on iOS and Android devices. 


Getting started on BTCEX is straightforward. A user can simply create an account using an email address and begin trading crypto instantly. Purchasing crypto on the platform is also convenient especially when using credit card payments. The downside is that since BTCEX uses third-party payment services, the fees for buying crypto with Euros or Dollars are high.


The platform has many crypto asset offerings including Bitcoin and Ethereum. BTCEX offers a few different markets – spot, margin, perpetuals and futures. BTCEX offers more than 50+ popular USDT-margined perpetual contracts crypto trading pairs, including BTCUSDT perp, etc. Perpertuals offered by BTCEX are generally linear contracts quoted and settled in USDT. A key benefit of these types of perpetual contracts is that a user can easily calculate returns in fiat, making them more intuitive since each USDT-Margined perpetual contract tends to specify the base asset’s quantity delivered for a single contract, which is also referred to as ‘Contract Unit.’ For example, BTCUSDT Perp, ETHUSDT Perp contracts would typically represent only one unit of their respective base assets, making them similar to spot markets. 


Advantages of using BTCEX

  • Simple to use mobile app.
  • Wide range of digital assets available BTCEX and multiple trading markets on offer.

  • BTCEX offers up to 50% trading fee commission to affiliates.
  • BTCEX claims to have an insurance fund of 1,000 BTC.
  • 24/7 multi-language customer support in English, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Vietnamese, etc.
  • BTCEX offers premium bonuses and rewards, including trading competitions as a way to incentivise users to use the platform.
  • No reports of security breaches to date. 
  •  BTCEX offers copy trading.

Trading Fees 

Trading fees on BTCEX are very competitive when compared to other exchanges such as Gemini, Bittrex, Huobi, Kraken, Bitfinex, Poloniex, among others.


Disadvantages of using BTCEX

  • BTCEX does not support fiat currencies, only crypto deposits and withdrawals
  • According to their T&Cs residents from the USA and other countries are not allowed to use the platform. This is common as competing platforms such as Binance, FTX, Bybit, etc. also don’t offer services to users in the US unless through their US registered entities or partners i.e. in the case of Binance US and FTX US. 

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