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Binance Celebrates the Holiday Season with Community Giveaways

Dubai, UAE,, December 21st, 2023, Chainwire Binance, the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading

Dubai, UAE,, December 21st, 2023, Chainwire

Binance, the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, has prepared a diverse range of activities and events to celebrate the holiday season with an emphasis on community engagement and recognition.

Binance launched its global celebration of the holiday season with a series of in-person events taking place in various cities around the world. From Madrid (Spain), and Medellin (Colombia), to Douala (Cameroon), Buenos Aires (Argentina), São Paulo (Brazil), Nairobi (Kenya), Dubai (UAE), Mexico City (Mexico), and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), celebrating the community during the holidays. Binance will also give special gifts during these gatherings to recognize its community.

Following the success of last year’s festive celebrations, Binance is reintroducing its “Year in Review” feature, which allows users to view and share their personal Binance platform highlights and showcases Binance’s year-end milestones. Users can share their favorite moments from their “2023 Year in Review” on social media to highlight their unique experiences. Binance will reward top-select posts with exclusive Binance merchandise to thank its community members.

This past year, Binance has witnessed remarkable growth within its ecosystem, with the platform’s user base increasing to over 167 million people. Binance Academy, a leading educational platform, has engaged nearly 27 million users, guiding them through the realms of Web3, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain. Binance’s philanthropic arm, Binance Charity, has achieved a significant milestone, with contributions totaling over $7.9 million donated to various charitable organizations. Moreover, Binance has introduced innovative ways to explore Web3, including the Binance Web3 Wallet and a revamped Binance Square, among other innovations. 

In addition to the “2023 Binance Year in Review,” Binance’s social media platforms is hosting a diverse range of engaging activities and giveaways. Binance is launching an online holiday giveaway worth $150,000 in #BNB, offering participants the chance to turn their holiday wishes into reality. Users are invited to share their holiday wishes for an opportunity to win $25,000 each, with a total of six lucky winners to be chosen. The response has been already overwhelming, with thousands of individuals already sharing their heartfelt aspirations. These wishes represent a diverse spectrum of meaningful goals, ranging from home renovations to supporting educational endeavors and making a positive impact on communities in need.

Furthermore, users are encouraged to share the most valuable piece of crypto advice (it should not be financial advice) they received this year. Binance will select 10 winners who will evenly share a reward pool worth 1,000 USDT. Another activity invites users to share the trends they actively participated in on Binance Square, offering them an opportunity to win exclusive Binance swag.

“As we celebrate the holiday season with our community, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to every one of our 167 million users for their unwavering support and commitment throughout the year,” said Rachel Conlan, Chief Marketing Officer of Binance. “Together, we’re driving technological innovation, championing financial freedom, and promoting inclusivity which is all about our users. We’re excited to spread joy and celebrate the holidays with our beloved community through these initiatives who are at core of who we are and what we do.”

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