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BetSwirl Crypto Betting Platform Review

BetSwirl – a provably fair gambling dApp.

What is BetSwirl?

In the digital expanse of cryptocurrency gaming, BetSwirl emerges as a fully decentralized and anonymous platform. This online realm is designed for those seeking fair play, fun times, and an innovative gaming experience.

BetSwirl introduces a unique interactive gaming experience enriched with animations and sound effects, soon to be integrated into the metaverse. The platform offers a variety of games including Dice, Coin Toss, and Million Jackpot, among others. These games are accessible through a diverse range of cryptocurrencies like MATIC, BNB, AVAX, ETH, and BETS, as well as other partner ERC20 tokens.

How to Bet on BetSwirl

Connect your web3 wallet. 

For this demonstration we’ll be sports betting. 

Choose the sport and event you want to bet on.

Set your spending cap.

Pay the gas fee. 

You’ll be able to see how many Azuro Score points you earn for placing your bet. 

Approve the transaction. 

Pay the gas fee. 

You’ll be notified once your bet is successfully placed. 

Once the result is out, you’ll also be able to view it on the dashboard. 

How to Redeem Your Winnings on BetSwirl

Approve the withdrawal. 

Pay the gas fee.

Redeem your payout.

You can confirm the status of your redemption on the dashboard.

$BETS Token Explained Simply

What is $BETS Token?

At the heart of BetSwirl’s protocol lies the BETS token, which serves multiple functions and features deflationary mechanisms. The platform also includes a staking program that allows community members to share in the project’s profits, underscoring its community-driven ethos. BetSwirl supports an extensive list of tokens supplied by partners and maintains transparency through a comprehensive analytics dashboard. The protocol encourages active community involvement with numerous incentives, rewards, and surprises.

The BETS utility token enhances the user experience on BetSwirl. Utilizing BETS enables players to engage in all games, receive unique in-game bonuses, purchase exclusive NFTs, and more. For those inclined towards a long-term commitment, staking BETS offers a share in BetSwirl’s profits. Token holders can also exercise their influence over the platform’s future through voting, reflecting the platform’s community-driven framework. 

BetSwirl actively manages the BETS token by redistributing it as rewards to stakers, enhancing liquidity to ensure higher payouts, funding marketing, protocol developments, and adding liquidity to DEX pairs. This system is secured by the renowned Curve Finance MultiRewards contract, allowing users to stake BETS, accumulate rewards over time, and reclaim their tokens at will.

How to Stake Bets

The process of staking with BetSwirl is straightforward. Users begin by visiting the BetSwirl dApp, which acts as the central hub for all staking activities.

Following this, users connect their wallet, stake their BETS tokens, and monitor their stakes and rewards directly from the staking page.

In this demonstration, we’ll be using MetaMask. 

Once your wallet is collected, choose which blockchain yo wish to stake on and the currency you wish to earn rewards in. 

Choose the amount of $BETS token you want to stake. 

Users can withdraw their staked BETS and claim their rewards whenever they choose. For those looking to optimize their returns, BetSwirl offers a compounding option, where reinvested earnings enhance the potential rewards, creating a cycle of increasing gains.


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