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Astar Network And MarketAcross Team Up To Coordinate Polkadot Summit SF

San Francisco, California, 6th October, 2022, Chainwire Upcoming summit centered on smart contracts to feature renowned industry experts covering Web3

San Francisco, California, 6th October, 2022, Chainwire

Upcoming summit centered on smart contracts to feature renowned industry experts covering Web3 topics including infrastructure development, privacy, scalability, automation, and investing 

Complementing San Francisco Blockchain Week, Astar Network has partnered with Market Across to organize the “Polkadot Summit: The Future of Smart Contracts.” The summit will bring together key stakeholders for a full day of presentations and open discussions on current developments, the future of the Polkadot ecosystem, and its growth potential.

Polkadot Summit SF is an all-day event scheduled for November 3 at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, featuring leading Polkadot contributors, Web3 thought leaders, and investors. Among the prominent speakers participating in the event are Astar Network CEO and Founder Sota Watanabe, Manta Network Co-Founder Kenny Li,  Parallel Finance Founder Yubo Ruan,  Oak Network CEO Chris Li and Parity Technologies Head of Strategic Growth Projects Eric Wang, to name a few.

Participants will gain unfettered access to a wide lineup of Polkadot stakeholders and thought leaders including winning parachains, infrastructure teams, and investors.

“We wholeheartedly believe in the power of community, and the time has never been riper for the Polkadot ecosystem to unite and forge stronger collaborations that, in turn, encourage innovation and new development,” according to Astar Network’s Chief Marketing Officer Valeria Kholostenko. “Our progress as parachains, protocols, developers, and investors can be unstoppable when we collectively explore new avenues for ecosystem incentivization, interoperability, and efficiency.” 

The event’s discussions will cover Web3’s challenges and opportunities alongside projects’ efforts to address these realities via development within the Polkadot ecosystem. Among the notable topics is privacy in Web3 and how to maintain decentralization, especially in the aftermath of the Tornado Cash sanctions and the ripple effect across the industry. Scaling efforts and automation will also feature heavily in the discussions, centering on interoperability for dApps and improving smart contract functionality. 

Besides these topics, the event will feature the perspective of venture capital and the outlook for investing in Web3 concerning the companies and ideas that may spark the industry’s next era of growth. Polkadot thought leaders will also delve into what it takes to build a solid organizational culture in today’s Web3 environment by highlighting the difference in methodologies relative to Web2 and how community factors prominently into Web3’s approach.

Per Itai Elizur, Managing Partner of MarketAcross, “Galvanizing the community has always been a focal point of Polkadot’s approach, and this gathering highlights just that. Instead of the winner-takes-all attitude that prevails in today’s blockchain universe, we hope to inspire the next phase of innovation by drawing on the wealth of knowledge and insights from Polkadot thought leaders while advancing the principle of cooperation.” 

Registration for the Polkadot Summit SF event is open and can be accessed here.  

About Astar Network

Founded in 2021, Astar Network is a smart contract protocol committed to greater blockchain interoperability by bridging compatible layer-1 and layer-2 networks with Polkadot. Operating as a parachain, Astar Network helps developers seamlessly shift their dApps and smart contracts from Ethereum, Cosmos, Solana, Polygon, and Arbitrum to Polkadot to benefit from high scalability and affordability. Backed by Gavin Wood, Binance, Coinbase, Alameda Ventures, Huobi, OKX, and Polychain, Astar is building a sustainable ecosystem by incentivizing developers through its Build2Earn dApp staking model.  

About MarketAcross

Since its inception in 2013, MarketAcross has advanced to become a seasoned and accomplished blockchain public relations and marketing firm providing end-to-end marketing coverage for blockchain initiatives operating across the globe. MarketAcross has worked alongside the industry’s leading exchanges and blockchains, including Polkadot, Solana, Binance, and Polygon, helping these projects broaden their reach and awareness among cryptocurrency and blockchain audiences.

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