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Apu Memecoin Soars, Reaching 11,600 Token Holders with Strong Community Support

Phoenix, USA, 27th May 2024, Chainwire

Phoenix, USA, May 27th, 2024, Chainwire

Apu Apustaja, a new memecoin making waves in the industry, has announced impressive support from its rapidly growing community, including over 11,650 coin holders and more than 13,000 Telegram channel members. Leading a revolution in the sector, which sees frog memecoins replacing dog-themed coins. Behind its sudden surge in popularity are a highly enthusiastic community and an expert development team.

Apu also announced it has purchased APU.COM, which will become its official website with an imminent move from the former domain. The event marked an important milestone in the project’s development as the new, ultra-rare domain will help it surge in brand awareness, authenticity, and recognition.

Apu Apustaja is a popular internet meme that translates to “Help Helper” in English and originates from a Finnish imageboard. Those with lesser knowledge of meme characters may mistake Apu for Pepe, another famous frog meme that spurred the now highly popular memecoin, Pepecoin. While the two characters have similar designs, Apu bears evidently different features, including softer lines, a somewhat sad expression, and a childlike appearance. Some would say that Apu is to Pepe what Shib is to Doge.

Moreover, the project secured listings for the $APU coin on MEXC, Bitget, Bitmart,, BingX, CoinEx, and LBank Exchange. The team notes a partnership with a market maker and also that they passed an audit with Metatrust. Now, the team is actively focusing on its marketing efforts and building Apu’s presence on social media and beyond. Since the project did not have a marketing-dedicated wallet, most of its brand-building marketing comes from Grassroots campaigning and community funding.

Other important achievements for Apu include launching The Book of Apu, a comprehensive story of the meme’s lore developed by the community. The project also published its official whitepaper.

The $APU coin has a total supply of 420.69 billion coins, with 82.79 billion already burned. The coin’s tokenomics model does not charge any BUY or SELL taxes and reserves 100% of the total supply for liquidity providers.

About Apu

Apu, also known as Helper, is a new memecoin project seeking to establish a standout presence in the increasingly competitive memecoin niche. Apu has no IP or copyright. The project is quickly developing a loyal fan base, including memecoin enthusiasts, investors, liquidity providers, and contributors. The team refers to this growing community as “frens” and pledges its commitment to a fair and transparent evolution for Apu.

Apu Coin has an ambitious four-phase roadmap ahead. In fact, the project has already completed the first phase, which included the project’s launch, DEX listings, reaching 1,000+ holders, and community takeover. Now, the project is in the second phase, which includes CEX listings, strategic partnerships, and boasting over 10,000 holders. In the future, Apu aims to release original merch, an NFT collection, and reach over 100,000 holders.

The $APU token is currently for sale on Uniswap, where interested buyers can purchase it for ETH simply by connecting their wallets.

Users can follow the project and stay up to date with its development at these links: Website | X (Twitter) | Telegram | Instagram

Apu is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.


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