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Ankr Partners with Polygon to Enhance the Web3 Building Experience for Supernet Developers

San Francisco, United States, 19th September, 2022, Chainwire Ankr, one of the world’s leading Web3 infrastructure providers, is thrilled to

San Francisco, United States, 19th September, 2022, Chainwire

Ankr, one of the world’s leading Web3 infrastructure providers, is thrilled to announce that it has partnered with the decentralized Ethereum scaling platform Polygon to enhance the building experience for Web3 developers who want to create application-specific blockchains with Polygon Supernets.

Powered by the modular blockchain stack Polygon Edge, Supernets is EVM-compatible, interoperable, highly performant, and customizable. It gives developers the ability to have a custom decentralized network without the hassle of maintaining blockchain infrastructure. Supernets help developers bootstrap decentralized validator sets quickly with Polygon’s professional validator partners.

Ankr’s App Chains is the approved infrastructure vendor for Polygon Supernets. It offers an end-to-end engineering solution that combines the best of security, throughput, and customizability. App Chains enable Web3 developers to easily build custom blockchains uniquely suited to their application. Further improving the building experience for developers are the premium tools and services that Supernets provide.

To drive Web3 mass adoption, we must provide consumers with a better UX than Web2. Enhancing the UX is possible only by streamlining Web3 development, which is why we’re thrilled to partner with Polygon Supernets and provide developers with the necessary infrastructure to build efficiently. Together, Ankr App chain Infra and Polygon Supernets can supercharge high-quality Web3 games, financial products, and other decentralized applications,” said Kev Silk, Ankr App Chain Manager.

Both Ankr and Polygon aim to make it faster, cheaper, and easier to build on Web3. To bring Web3 to the masses, it is critical to remove the complexities of blockchain development while ensuring scalability and app-specific customization. Polygon Supernets enable developers to quickly set up a custom, high performing blockchain network.

Any smart contract or dApp written for the Ethereum compatible networks, either in Solidity, Vyper or other languages, can be deployed to a Polygon Supernet. With Ankr’s App Chains, developers will have the freedom to choose the programming languages, consensus mechanisms, and development frameworks they want to use.

Parth Pathak, General Manager of Polygon Supernets, said, “Polygon couldn’t be more excited to partner with ANKR for providing world-class tooling for building dedicated blockchains. With Polygon Supernets, enterprises, gaming and entertainment projects can rapidly power up their dedicated app-specific chains that are fine tuned for best-in-class EVM performance. Polygon is bringing together the world’s leading Web3 providers (like ANKR) into a comprehensive ecosystem that will empower any team to build their own blockchain. Supernets will help bring the next billion users to Web3.”

Web3 developers can build Supernets to run a specific application, project, or use case while being secured by the Polygon protocol, maintained by certified partners, and receiving further upgrades from the Polygon Edge architecture. The Supernets are compatible with each other and the Ethereum blockchain by default.

By enabling developers to build their own blockchains on Polygon Edge, Ankr will help solve two of the biggest challenges holding back the Web3 adoption – slow transaction speed and high gas fees. With a custom blockchain for each dApp, there is no competition for storage or computation, and scalability is allowed to thrive.

About Ankr

Ankr has built out the largest global node network in the industry, creating the foundation for the future of Web3. It currently serves around 250 billion blockchain requests a month across 30 different chains and runs RPC services for 18 blockchain partners, making it the largest RPC provider in the industry. Ankr also offers a suite of developer tools including the Liquid Staking SDK, Web3 Gaming SDK, and App Chains As a Service that empower dApp developers to build Web3 apps quickly and easily.

For more information, visit: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Reddit | Discord | Medium

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