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A Guide to Content Creation for Crypto Bounty Programs

As the crypto frenzy grips the entire world, many people are searching for ways to earn cryptocurrencies. Of course, there are

As the crypto frenzy grips the entire world, many people are searching for ways to earn cryptocurrencies. Of course, there are many ways that they can earn them. People can stake, yield farm or trade. Since these methods involve investing sums of money, many individuals take part in bounty programs, where they get free tokens or coins.

Crypto bounty programs take different forms, such as identifying bugs, performing simple tasks such as reposting articles on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. People can participate through writing articles, detailing the products and focus of the organization. Aside from identifying bugs, article writing pays more than the other bounty tasks.

It’s important to write content that comprehensively covers essential components that investors consider before investing in a crypto project.

Basically, a bounty program article should address the following aspects in an understandable way:

  • The scope of the project
  • The unique problem the organization seeks to solve
  • The business model
  • Competitive advantages
  • How users are going to benefit
  • The team
  • And the tokenomics

The scope of the crypto project

The introduction of the article should cover the scope of the organization. In simple terms, you give an overall picture of the company without getting into much depth. This should point the company as a profitable investment opportunity. Remember, that is what the organization wants you to portray.

The problem

After giving a clear outline of the company, the writer should explain the problem which the crypto organization will solve. This is because investors only invest in companies that solve pressing problems. The whitepaper usually explains the problem. If the company has no whitepaper, an individual can find the critical information on the website’s home page.

How will it solve the problem?

In this section, the writer explains the business model or how it works. It is important to include the company’s products and features. Explain them in a way that makes it clear how it solves the problem. As a writer you should clearly explain how the company is better than its major competitors. This is very important as it is the selling point. Therefore, this information enables the users to choose it and shun its competitors.

Competitive advantages

This is another critical area because it shows how the company is better than the other companies. Therefore, the writer should analyse how the company differs from both crypto organizations and other traditional companies that claim to solve the problem at hand. In this section, include practical examples and illustrations, if you can find them.

How do users and the community benefit?

This is another equally important section because it details how users benefit from the project. Interestingly, users can only join the platform if they envision several tangible benefits.

It is wise to include statistics and figures, if they are available. For example, what is the APY?  How much can someone earn through airdrop? When will the airdrop be launched? Include other free token distribution methods, if they are available. The writer is not being creative, he/she should extract this information from the whitepaper or the website.

It is not wise to take information which other writers have included, which is not in the whitepaper or on the official website. If you include wrong information, the bounty program owners will down vote your answer and you get less in the bounty.  


Once again, the writer should include specific information about the token, such as total supply, circulating supply, token type, market cap and soft cap among others. The related financial facts are essential to investors, therefore the organization wants you to discuss them. It is also vital to explain the nature of the token. Is the token inflationary or deflationary? Will the company mint or burn the tokens? Such information is necessary for individual when making investment decisions.

Where possible include information on token presale and sale.


This is another important area. However, there is a need for specific information, milestones and timelines. Here, you include the major events to come, such as a launch of applications and listing.


When writing bounty articles, some writers leave out this section. However, one should include it because potential investors want to know the people behind the project because the competence of the team determines the company’s success.


In a nutshell, when writing a crypto bounty program, a writer should include certain information such as the roadmap, the team, token information and the business model. These help to create a comprehensive picture about the project.


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