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How to Make Profit w/ Stablecoin Arbitrage using USDT

How to Crypto Arbitrage Using Stablecoins (USDT – Tether).

Stablecoin arbitrage, especially with USDT, offers a strategic edge in cryptocurrency trading, providing a blend of stability and profitability. Platforms like DiMAX have streamlined this process, allowing traders, regardless of their expertise, to engage in inter-exchange crypto-arbitrage effortlessly. DiMAX leverages USDT’s high liquidity and market cap to facilitate these trades through proprietary software, minimizing known risks and aiming for profit maximization.

The platform’s Tether Bank Deposit Program offers a passive income opportunity by multiplying depositor’s capital, while its manual trading feature grants control over the arbitrage process – allowing for customization in order size, exchange selection, and timing to enhance profit potential. The purchase process of USDT through DiMAX, involving banking operations, is designed to be secure yet time-consuming, with swap processes taking up to 23 hours, though the actual arbitrage on the chosen exchange is swift.

How to Use Tether Bank on DiMAX

Before you make a deposit in the Tether bank, you need to fund your account.

You’ll be notified once your transaction has been processed. Now that you have some funds in your account, you can proceed to deposit into Tether bank.Choose the amount you wish to deposit and the timeframe and interest rate. You’ll be made aware of your deposit status. 

How to Use the Manual Trading Feature on DiMAX

Go to the Manual Trading section. First, you need to make sure you have the funds available in your DiMAX account in order to be able to use Manual Trading to tailor the arbitrage profit and maximise the profit earning potential. Once you’ve deposited funds, you can proceed with Manual Trading.

Select the amount you wish to  trade and which platform you wish to trade. 

Choose the time frame and fix the balance. 

You can see the Arbitrage order details. 

You’ll be notified once your order is successfully completed. 

How to Swap on DiMAX

Once you’ve fixed your balance in Manual Trading, you can now use the Swap feature.

You’ll be able to see your active swap orders on the dashboard.

You can view your Arbitrage history on the dashboard.

DiMAX encourages user engagement and additional income through its referral programs, including the Piggy Bank and Bounty schemes, rewarding users for bringing in new participants and promoting the platform. 

While DiMAX has garnered positive reviews, it’s crucial for potential users to conduct thorough due diligence, assessing all risks before diving into the arbitrage trading world. As with any trading strategy, starting small, prioritizing risk management, and continuous learning are essential steps toward achieving sustainable profitability in stablecoin arbitrage.


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